Rapid Application Development for IoT

Quick Features


Rapidly develop custom wireless RTLS and/or Sensor based solutions on an Arduino IDE Compatible platform. 

Remote Location Enabled Sensing

Compatible with a wide variety of Aretas Sensor options, you can easily add on Temperature, Relative Humidity, Particulate Monitoring, Barometer, IMU and more. Use Aretas supplied firmware libraries or standard Arduino libraries for those sensors. 

Or, if your application just requires RTLS features, use the Aretas SwarmBeeLE enabled wireless module to rapidly prototype location enabled products.  

IoT Applications

RTLS Location Tracking

Combined with the necessary anchors and middleware, track objects in 2D and 3D space indoors and outdoors (and in GPS denied environments).

RTLS Ranging

If you just need ranging features, use two or more SwarmBee LE enabled boards. 

Location Enabled Sensors

Monitor almost any condition wirelessly and know exactly where the data is coming from. 


LiPo powered, rechargable system allows you to easily test portable / wearable applications on a robust test platform

Modular Wireless

Swap radio modules. Upgrade XBee capabilities, change from UWB to Chirp location, etc. 

Choose from a wide variety of sensors for prototyping or pre-production

Low cost

Aretas developer boards are an inexpensive, easy way to develop a proof of concept or market ready solution.

Wireless Options

Compatible Sensors

  • Many options available
  • Several precision ranges
  • Dual, high quality 16-bit ADC
  • Temperature / Relative Humidity
  • IAQ (tVOC + eCO2)
  • Barometer
  • IMU
  • Thermal
  • Light / Lux

Power Options

Software Options

Bring your data into the cloud and access the best IoT software features on the market. REST compatible APIs and support for almost any sensor type available. RTLS features, analytics and event detection. 

You can run IoT Gateway v1 with Aretas Cloud V1 or on its own (using the built-in reporting and data storage).

The Aretas Sensor Grapher is a local charting utility that requires an XBee USB adapter and a PC with Java installed.

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