Radiation Monitoring

Wireless Cloud Enabled Device

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Quick Features

  • Measurement range of dose rate: 0.1 µSv/h to 100 mSv/h
  • Pulse count rate: 5 cpm ± 15% for 1 µSv/h radiation dose rate
  • Energy response: 50 KeV to above 2 MeV
  • Wireless Options Available
  • Flexible Power Options (DC, AC, USB)
  • Display Available
  • Audible Alarm Available
  • Configurable reporting interval, alarm, etc
  • Customized Options Available
  • Cloud and Edge Compatible / Alerts / Text Alerts / Charting
  • USB Programmable (depending on mainboard)


The Aretas Cloud Enabled Radiation Monitor measures the quantity of Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radiation in the area. The Aretas monitor is a continuous radiation monitoring system that detects and reports radiation levels continuously. Several monitors can be installed in a wireless network. 

Remote IoT Radiation Monitoring

You can monitor Radiation from anywhere in the world. Login to your Edge device or Cloud account wherever you are in the world and see the current radiation levels as well as all the historical data. Several different data points are available, including Counts Per Minute and an hourly accumulator showing the accumulated counts per hour. You can also view pulse duration, historical data and more. 

Click to view the radiation chart sample output


Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Medial imaging equipment can emit radiation. Fixed, continuous monitors throughout the hospital help ensure machines aren’t contaminating other areas.

Dental Offices

Imaging (x-ray) machines can also emit harmful radiation. Get peace of mind from continuous monitoring. 

Industrial Facilities

Monitor different areas of your facilities including material intake areas, equipment and other areas of concern. 

Oil and Gas

Uranium and Thorium decay products such as radium can exist in the water pumped to the surface during drilling operations. Other sources of radiation at the site may exist. 

Nuclear Safety

Monitor areas around nuclear power plants / fencelines to demonstrate safe radiation levels to stakeholders and the community

Shipping / Warehouses

Continuous remote radiation monitoring allow you to setup a large network of monitors with alerts and dashboard statuses

Wireless Options

  • XBee 2.4GHz (Low and High Power)
  • XBee 900MHz
  • WiFI 2.4GHz

Sensor Specifications

  • Detects beta and gamma radiation and X-rays
  • Alpha options available
  • Detector sensitivity: 5 cpm/µSv/h
  • High immunity to RF and electrostatic fields
  • Measurement range of dose rate: 0.1 µSv/h to 100 mSv/h
  • Pulse count rate 5 cpm ± 15% for 1 µSv/h radiation dose rate
  • Energy response 50 KeV to above 2 MeV

Power Options

  • DC Power Adapter
  • 24VAC
  • USB Power
  • Rechargeable Battery Options Available

Software Options

Access your device data anywhere, any time. Get Alerts, Dashboards, Analytics, Live Data and more. 

You can run IoT Gateway v1 with Aretas IoT Cloud or on its own (using the built-in reporting and data storage).

The Aretas Sensor Grapher is a local charting utility that requires a USB adapter and a PC with Java installed.

Additional Sensor Options

Several sensors can be combined with the Radiation Sensor into one monitor. 

  • Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Toxic gases (Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Nitrogen Dioxide)
  • Thermal
  • Noise / Sound
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