SG111A Developer Kit

Rapid Application Development for IoT

Quick Features

Arduino IDE Compatible Development

Comes pre-loaded with firmware to emit the CO2 levels over USB for easy integration into your application. Open source GitHub repository with firmware to help get your application up and running quickly!

Android Compatible CO2 Sensor

You can decode the sensor messages using a basic Serial monitor in Android! This makes developing apps in Android very easy.


A Carbon Dioxide monitor measures the amount of CO2 in the air. CO2 concentrations change because of people breathing, cars running, combustion of hydrocarbons and many other sources. CO2 levels also affect plant growth and greenhouse yields.

A USB Developer kit for the SG111A series of CO2 sensors. Rapidly prototype your application. Comes preloaded with firmware compatible with the Aretas SensorGrapher application. 

Visualize CO2 Levels with Sensor Grapher

You can view the real-time data in the Aretas SensorGrapher Java application which charts the incoming data. You can also export the data to CSV.

IoT Applications for CO2 Sensing

Food spoilage and food preservation

Monitor CO2 levels in food preservation, transportation and other areas of logistics. A low-cost CO2 sensor with accuracy and high range is critical.

Berkeley Labs researchers found that even moderately elevated levels of indoor carbon dioxide
resulted in lower scores on six of nine scales of human decision making performance.

Greenhouse and Growers

Optimizing CO2 levels can help create better growing conditions, improve crop yields and growth rates.

Lower cost CO2 sensors allow operators to deploy many sensors for better coverage and accuracy.

Industrial / Manufacturing / Beverage

CO2 is the by product of many industrial and manufacturing processes. CO2 is also produced during wine making and other fermentation processes. 

Commercial Offices and Hotels

Monitor CO2 Levels and Ventilate appropriately to keep employees alert and productive. 

Monitor hotel room air quality to keep guests happier and better rested.

Home / Residential

Ensure the rooms in your home are being adequately ventilated, especially the bedrooms. If your room feels stuffy at night or you’re not sleeping well, monitoring could uncover the reason why. If you suffer from asthma, snoring or other issues, monitoring can help optimize your environment. 

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