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Aretas Analytics Indexes

Aretas uses sensor data to compute various indexes that give you deeper insights into the built environment. Some of the indexes available on the analytics page include:

  1. Heat Index
  2. Humidex
  3. Building Rating
  4. Mold Risk
  5. Comfort Index

Indexes are based upon modern research or standard formulas used for computing the indexes.

Analytics indexes provide accurate and useable information for our clients. We utilize existing information as well as develop our own industry leading standards for calculating these indexes. Index information is presented in easy to understand graphs which you can set to review up-to-the-minute or archived date in the past by hour, day, week or custom date range.

Building Rating Index
Optimize employee comfort and environment, potential energy cost savings.

This index uses temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide to rate your buildings indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and comfort level of occupants.

  • The building rating is rated on 1 to 5 stars
  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, specifies minimum ventilation rates and other measures intended to provide indoor air quality that is acceptable to occupants and that minimizes adverse health effects.
  • Closely correlated with the PPD (percent of people dissatisfied with indoor comfort levels.
Comfort Index / Building Rating

The comfort index is a multivariate computation that estimates human comfort based on the levels of Carbon Dioxide, Relative Humidity, Sound, Light and Temperature in the building envelope. One input into the computation is the Fanger formula for ppd (thermal comfort estimation). The other inputs are based upon regression formulas derived from observational research. The algorithm generates a normalized value (we call theta2) to estimate the rating index.

The raw output from the comfort index is a continuously varying function, however for simplicity sake, we also output a 5 level classification where:

Rating 4 (5 star) = top 10% of Offices = Good

Rating 3 (4 star) = next 22.5% of Offices = Average

Rating 2 (3 star) = next 35% of Offices = Below Average

Rating 1 (2 star) = next 22.5% of Offices = Well Below Average

Rating 0 (1 star) = bottom 10% of Offices = Poor

Heat Index

The Heat Index (also known as humiture) is an index that computes how hot a person perceives the temperature to be when humidity is taken into account.


The humidex is the Canadian derivative of the Heat Index. Aretas uses the “simple approximation” method to estimate dew point, therefore at humidities below 50%, our algorithm may generate only rough approximations of the humidex.

Mold Risk

The mold risk index is an assessment of the risk of mold in an indoor environment, based on observations made by mold remediation experts.




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