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Indoor Positioning System Arduino

Using the Nanotron SwarmBee modules (CSS or UWB) and Aretas developer boards and open source firmware, you can create an indoor positioning system with Arduino. There are two main types of positioning systems that you can create:

  1. Ranging
  2. Anchor based

A ranging type system will only provide the distance between nodes or modules. However, an anchor-based system will allow you to resolve the position of objects indoors with high precision in 2D or 3D.

A minimal setup for an anchor-based system in 2D is 4 anchors, one edge computer and as many Tags or Modules as you’d like to track. If you opt to use the Aretas platform for object tracking, you also need a cloud account and middleware.

Product developers creating location based prototypes or pre-production systems can also use the Aretas developer boards and open source firmware to rapidly prototype solutions based on Nanotron RTLS modules.

The best combination to start with is at least 2 Aretas ‘bee footprint compatible CSS modules: and the Aretas A800021 developer board: The A800021 developer board allows you to run Arduino firmware and connect to a wide variety of compatible sensors and is ‘bee footprint compatible (including SwarmBee LE and ER modules). Coupled with the Aretas open source SwarmBee firmware, you can rapidly deploy Location Enabled Sensor solutions coupled to our IoT Cloud platform or your own platform.

A800021 Developer board with optional precision Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor and Optional SwarmBee LE module. The A800021 Developer board features an Atmega328P processor running at 3.3VDC

The SwarmBee LE module brings RTLS capabilities to your project in a ‘bee compatible footprint. You can also exploit the footprint using an XBee->USB adapter and connect it to RasperryPi, PC or Tablet.

Module firmware is available on GitHub:

Optionally, bring it all online in the Aretas IoT Platform! The Aretas IoT Platform is the most powerful, easy to use Cloud based software platform in the Industry.

If you are interested in developing Arduino based Indoor Location solutions and would like to use the Aretas developer products to get you to market faster, contact us today!


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