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Working with exported CSV data

When you download CSV data you will be presented with 4 to 6 columns of information (depending on your export format). The data will typically contain:

  1. the timestamp (a 32-bit integer unix timestamp in milliseconds),
  2. the sensor type (an 8 or 16-bit integer, depending on your sensor),
  3. the sensor label and
  4. the data itself (typically a 32 or 64-bit float).
  5. Depending on your exported format, you may also have a column containing the MAC address of the sensor.

Converting the timestamp to a date format can be done in Excel and Open office with the following function:

=(((B7/60)/(60 * 1000))/24)+DATE(1970,1,1)+(-7/24)

You can also get a more detailed explanation here:

Other considerations:

  1. Aretas timestamps are in millisecond precision, so (as shown in the formula provided) – you need to multiply seconds * 1000
  2. To correct for time zone, change the -7 to -5, -4 etc (whatever your correct GMT offset is)
  3. You will also need to format the cells to show the time (see the image below for an example in open office)



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