Badly ventilated areas with high levels of CO2 such as some schools, restaurants, and workplaces can cause Covid-19 spread to worsen.

According to the C.D.C, CO2 levels indoors should not reach over 800 PPM. Levels over 2000 PPM can cause discomfort and greatly affect cognitive performance. Studies suggest that levels in classrooms often reach over 2000 PPM. Not only do high levels of CO2 affect cognitive functions, they can also indicate the spread of Covid-19.

While technologies to monitor Covid-19 in indoor areas do not exist, there is a cheap and effective alternative. Many parents have become concerned about CO2 levels in their children’s classrooms during the Covid-19 pandemic, so they have decided to send them to school with CO2 monitors. 

Some places have made CO2 monitoring and proper ventilation in classrooms necessary. In 2020, California adopted Assembly Bill 841, a bill that puts funding into air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. It also provides classrooms with CO2 monitors. 

CO2 monitors are easily accessible and practical solutions to monitor CO2 in indoor areas. Some monitors can even send notifications directly to you when CO2 reaches unsafe levels. Putting monitors in indoor areas can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by letting you know when you need to take actions to lower CO2 levels. 


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