We have been launching various incremental upgrades over the last few months, but we just launched a major feature update on 08/15/2019 including:

Cloud Service

– Timezone improvements for Alerts
– Added new CSV export with column based ordering and time alignment for use in machine learning applications
– Location service REST API improvements
– Type filtering for CSV export
– Authorization framework improvements
– OpenJDK compatibility improvements
– Websocket performance improvements
– Back-end database performance enhancements (> 50% query speed improvements for latest data queries)

Cloud UI

– Column ordered CSV export
– Sensor data query on RTLS assets
– Improved RTLS Analytics views
– Launched 3D views with sensor data support
– Added support for Building Map offsets (RTLS)
– Analytics improvements
– Sparkline charts on latest sensor data queries
– Speed improvements

We hope you enjoy the new release!!


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