The Aretas IoT Cloud platform was built from the ground up to be highly performance oriented. Using transactional data update pipelines, horizontal micro-service scaling and taking advantage of modern multi-core CPUs and huge memory capacities means we can achieve less than 50ms response times for sensor data packets in the cloud, even via REST. In the video below, you can see an agent based simulation of 100 tag objects updating our API back end in real time. Our Sensor Data Processing Engine can process millions of inbound messages per second and perform real-time analytics. Client UIs can connect via websocket or REST API and receive batch notifications of sensor statuses in milliseconds. When the Internet is down, if you are using an Aretas edge based software package, your control setpoints and data backlogging remain functional until Internet is resumed.

With the new Aretas RTLS analytics package launching soon, you can look forward to a complete RTLS feature set in the Aretas platform including:

    1. Tag Management
    2. Location and Building Map management (already a feature of the Aretas platform)
    3. Live, real-time RTLS updates
    4. Real time tag density visualization
    5. Real time tag trails
    6. Real time collision detection and visualization
    7. Real time computed velocity and bearing indication
    8. Sensor data for any sensor associated with the tag (CO, CO2, T+RH, etc)
    9. Historical analytics including:
      1. “Noodle maps” of tag locations throughout the period
      2. Density maps showing area usage throughout the period
      3. Tag statistics (average velocity, time spent in motion, time spent at rest)
      4. Ability to plug and play data into pre-trained ML microservices for classification
    10. Geofencing and Alerts for tags leaving Map areas
    11. Middleware for popular RTLS hardware platform providers

More features will be announced soon! Contact us today if you would like to engage Aretas for a beta site trial!


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