Machine Learning (ML), when used correctly is a very useful tool. In essence, ML systems can learn from exposure to training data and predict outcomes when given certain criteria. Researchers and Data Scientists have been using these tools for decades. Aretas has long been using various iterations of machine learning for developing human comfort indices, learning sensor behaviors and more.

We are pleased to announce in the coming months that we will be launching the first of many Machine Learning Microservices. Like our Indexes and API methods, these are independent API based systems that learn from sensor data and predict outcomes. Certain Microservices can be queried internally from our Alerting API so you can define thresholds for ML outcomes and be alerted when something happens.

We are developing this Microservice infrastructure so we can rapidly deploy new ML based Microservices for niche specific requirements. All our Microservices will be available through the standard API and be actionable from within the Alerting system. Stay tuned in the coming months as we launch these new features and contact us today if you have a specific requirement!


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