Aretas real time location and analytics are available today! The Aretas Cloud and Edge platforms are ready to work with any location hardware. We’re excited to be launching the most advanced RTLS software solution available on the market!


*EDIT 01/07/2019

To learn more about the production features, visit the product page here:

Standard Features

  • Low latency, cloud based real time visualization (< 100ms)
  • Building maps
  • Support multiple locations, building maps and more from one interface
  • Full sensor support with real time and historical analytics (temperature, relative humidity, gases, radiation, etc)
  • Location based analytics (query where assets have been)
  • Alerting / anomaly detection / event detection
  • Statistical analytics
  • Useful visualization analytics
  • Machine learning (automated classifiers, anomaly detection, etc)

Advanced features (included)

Location / API real-time:

  • Axis aligned (AA) Collision detection and notification
  • Real-time regression / prediction of future position
  • AA Boundary avoidance
  • Computed velocity
  • Computed AA bearing
  • Custom AA “quadtree” implementation for collision detection solver (scales to 10,000 objects in real time on one CPU)
  • Kalman filtering
  • Density / heatmaps

Location / API Historical:

  • Time series persistence of location data x,y,z (for long term analysis)
  • Time series persistence of IMU data (accel, gyro, mag)
  • Distance traveled during query interval
  • Peak velocity
  • Average velocity
  • Density / heatmaps
  • Custom solutions available

We’re launching the full information page soon, but contact us today for a demo!

*EDIT 01/07/2019

To learn more about the production features, visit the product page here:


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