IoT FOr Developers

Many Aretas Sensor Networks Mainboards and Sensors are available to developers and makers. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel; capitalize on our 10 years of experience in this industry. You can purchase Arduino IDE compatible boards with almost any of our sensor combinations.

Wireless First

Every Aretas Board supports a variety of Wireless modules including:

  • Digi 900MHz long range radios (40 mile LOS)
  • Roving Networks (Microchip) WiFi
  • Roving Networks (Microchip) Bluetooth
  • Digi XBEE (802.15.4)
  • Digi Zigbee
  • Digi Wi-Fi
  • Digi Cellular modules
  • ESP Wi-Fi

Precision Sensors

Calibrated High Quality Sensors. Choose from a wide variety of sensors: environmental / gas / light / sound.

Edge Device Compatible

Connect to any of our Edge Devices or Software Packages

Cloud Enabled

Cloud enabled analytics, alerts, data storage, strategies and more.

Easy to Program

Use any IDE or toolchain that supports Atmega MCUs. You can even use the Arduino IDE.

Example PCBs Available

These are just some of the PCB options available to OEMs, resellers, Makers and Solution Developers.


Small form factor, supporting CO2, Carbon Monoxide (or Nitrogen Dioxide), 24VAC power input (or DC), standard wireless footprint, PM (Particulates), T+RH and more. 


Precision Multi-Gas Industrial / Commercial board. High quality, low noise ADCs, isolated Gas circuits, 0.01% components. Supports Multiple outboard sensor expansion modules including Particulates and T+RH.


Wireless Compatible, LiPo Battery powered / rechargeable. High quality, switched I2C headers, USB charging and more

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