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Aretas Wireless CO2 Monitor

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Features at a Glance


The Aretas CO2 Monitor is a wireless device that lets you monitor CO2 from your phone, tablet or PC from anywhere you have Internet access. You can monitor many locations and sensors from one Dashboard. Save energy by monitoring temperature and relative humidity (included) and implement cost savings measures. Mitigate poor air quality issues or monitor for mold risk and adverse environmental conditions.

Remote CO2 Monitoring

With the Aretas Wireless CO2 Monitor, you can monitor CO2 from anywhere in the world. Login to your Cloud account wherever you are in the world and see the current CO2 levels as well as all the historical data.



Schools, Daycare, Universities and Colleges

High classroom CO2 levels in can significantly impair decision-making performance. This can have a detrimental effect in schools where large amounts of students, ventilation issues and other source elevate CO2 levels in classrooms and other areas. It has also been shown that high school CO2 levels can negatively affect student health and lower attendance rates.1

Berkeley Lab researchers found that even moderately elevated levels of indoor carbon dioxide
resulted in lower scores on six of nine scales of human decision making performance.

Commercial Offices

Monitor CO2 Levels and Ventilate appropriately to keep employees alert and productive. 

Employees are happier, more efficient and productive when environmental conditions are optimized. 

Greenhouses and Growers

Optimizing CO2 levels can help create better growing conditions, improve crop yields and growth rates.

At Home / Residential

Ensure the rooms in your home are being adequately ventilated, especially the bedrooms. If your room feels stuffy at night or you’re not sleeping well, monitoring could uncover the reason why. If you suffer from asthma, snoring or other issues, monitoring can help optimize your environment. 

Industrial / Manufacturing / Winemakers

CO2 is the by product of many industrial and manufacturing processes. CO2 is also produced during wine making and other fermentation processes.  

Wireless Options

Sensor Specifications

  • Measurement Range: 0 – 5000PPM CO2 (standard)
  • Accuracy ± 3%
  • Operating temperature range: 0 – 50C
  • Technology: NDIR
  • Measurement speed: 20 second diffusion time

Power Options

Software Options

Access your device data anywhere, any time. Get Alerts, Dashboards, Analytics, Live Data and more. 

You can run IoT Gateway v1 with Aretas IoT Cloud or on its own using the built-in reporting and data storage (for XBee enabled units only, requires purchase of IoT Gateway or compatible adapter)

The Aretas Sensor Grapher is a local charting utility that requires a USB adapter and a PC with Java installed (not compatible with WiFi enabled units).

Additional Sensor Options

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