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The only Edge device sensor platform to support thermal, audio spectrum, light spectrum, radiation, gases, cigarette smoke and more. Runs anywhere on any size of Edge device or Cloud Container platform. Built on robust Ubuntu and Java technologies. 

Why Aretas Sensor Edge?

Supports Any Sensors

Temperature, Relative Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sound Spectrum, Light Spectrum, Particulates, Pressure, Noise, VOCs, Radiation and so much more.

Runs Almost Anywhere

With 4 different Edge device options for any size of organization, we have your needs covered. If you'd rather have us host your data, you can run the Edge Platform in your own Virtual Machine / Container in our Cloud.

Easy to Interpret

You don't need to read boring charts and statistics (although all that and more is there if you want it). Easy to read Gauges and green zones for almost every parameter allow you to gain quick insights into how your system is performing.


We didn't leave out complexity and exotic data types. You can process and review thermal data, sound spectrum (with FFT, waveform analysis, dominant frequencies, etc), radiation energy, light spectrum and more!

Link To the Cloud

You can link your Edge device to the Cloud for another layer of insight, alerting and predictive analytics. You can also customize the software to post data to other cloud providers or internal systems.

Integrate it with your Software

Every Aretas Edge instance comes with a full REST API that exposes every method on the device. You can access our custom thermal interpolation algorithms, data queries, dashboard objects, statistics generation, recommendation engine and more.

"This new platform is the culimination of 8 years of research and development and experience in the sensor business. It's everything our customers asked us for and everything we've wanted to give them"
Tracy Joubert
Lab Technologist

Created with the gracious support of:

"Supports an Astounding Array of Sensors."

Works with all Aretas Sensors!

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