Biomass Pile Monitor

Hog Fuel and Biomass Pile Monitoring

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Quick Features


Large hog fuel or biomass piles are prone to spontaneous combustion which can lead to dangerous and costly fire suppression and lost inventory. A hog fuel pile can reach combustion temperatures yet show few external signals prior to combustion. A simple probe based monitor can help diagnose temperatures at the site of the probe and potentially diagnose dangerous conditions. 

Remote Biomass Pile Monitoring

You can monitor probe temperature from anywhere in the world. Login to your Edge device or Cloud account wherever you are in the world and see the current probe temperature from each probe as well as all the historical data.


Biomass / Hog Fuel Piles

Hog fuel fires are difficult to control and expensive to extinguish. However, early detection of rising temperatures and early action can help mitigate combustion risk

Grain Bins / Grain Piles / Silos

Grain bin monitoring can help mitigate combustion risk and help maintain good temperature and relative humidity. Add sensors such as CO2 and NO2 to detect composting conditions. 

Composting Facilities

Compost fires can occur when internal temperatures of the compost pile reach between 150°C and 200°C. You can easily measure compost pile temperature with a biomass probe.

Hay Bale Piles

Composting Hay Bales can represent a fire hazard but also represent spoiled product. Typically, farmers have to walk the field and measure the temperature and humidity of the bales. With remote, wireless monitoring, you can measure bale temperature without leaving your home or office.

Agricultural Product Storage

Grain bin monitoring can help mitigate combustion risk and help maintain good temperature and relative humidity. Add sensors such as CO2 and NO2 to detect composting conditions.

Drone Thermal Monitoring

Aretas Aerial manufactures small form factor drones with lightweight, wireless thermal cameras that can also detect biomass pile temperature issues. 

Wireless Options

Sensor Specifications

  • Measurement Range 0 – 300 °C (extended ranges available)
  • Accuracy ± 1°C
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to 80 °C
  • Operating humidity: 0 to 85% RH
  • Response time: 5-10 seconds
  • Also monitors ambient environment temperature for comparison

Power Options

Also Available

Aretas also produces low cost drone / thermal camera options which can help diagnose hog fuel pile temperatures and identify any escaping heat from the pile that may not be visible from the ground or by visual inspection. 

Software Options

Aretas Sensor Edge is the latest version of the Aretas Sensor Software. You can run Sensor Edge on a local IoT Gateway Device or in the Cloud. Cloud options require WiFI wireless OR an Edge Device (starting at $99 USD)

The workhorse of the Aretas Cloud platform, Aretas Cloud V1 supports all the sensors in the Aretas lineup except thermal, light spectrum and sound spectrum.

You can run IoT Gateway v1 with Aretas Cloud V1 or on its own (using the built-in reporting and data storage).

The Aretas Sensor Grapher is a local charting utility that requires an XBee USB adapter and a PC with Java installed.

Additional Sensor Options

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