Sound and Noise Monitoring

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Quick Features


A Sound and Noise monitor detects the loudness and spectral content of sounds in the immediate vicinity of the sensor. The monitor detects peak sound levels as well as average sound levels. You can also view the spectrum of the captured sounds and the frequency content. The Aretas Edge software opens up new possibilities for IoT sound monitoring

Remote Sound, SPL and Spectrum Monitoring

You can monitor peak SPL, average SPL, sounds spectrum and more from anywhere in the world. Login to your Edge device or Cloud account wherever you are in the world and see the current sound and noise levels as well as all the historical data, sound spectrum, 3D charts, frequency content and more.


Property Owners / AirBNB Owners

Avoid costly noise violation citations when your property is being rented. Catch loud parties and noises in your rental. Receive alerts and historical charts.


Monitor equipment, noisy areas or areas of concern. View spectral output and spectral signatures. Perform post hoc analysis in other software with WAV exports


Deploy low cost monitors across your business and highlight areas of concern or improvement. Catch transient issues or long term trends.


Many offices are now seeking certification for new standards that are focused on human health and wellness. Sound level monitoring is an important component to certification. A healthy office is one without loud obnoxious sounds.

Apartment Owners

Are you receiving noise complaints from tenants? Deploy a low cost noise monitor and catch offending tenants in the act and keep the peace.

Electrical Rooms / Industrial Control Rooms

Audible alarms typically sound with a specific frequency and SPL level. Add another layer of monitoring to your system to ensure audible alarms are still detected when humans aren’t present.

Wireless Options

Sensor Specifications

  • Measurement Range in dBz: 35-120dB
  • Response time: 1 to 2 ms

Power Options

Software Options

Access your device data anywhere, any time. Get Alerts, Dashboards, Analytics, Live Data and more. 

You can run IoT Gateway v1 with Aretas IoT Cloud or on its own (using the built-in reporting and data storage).

The Aretas Sensor Grapher is a local charting utility that requires a USB adapter and a PC with Java installed.

Additional Sensor Options

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