SwarmBeeLE Module

Rapid Application Development for IoT

Quick Features

Arduino IDE Compatible Development

For a full Arduino IDE compatible kit, check out the Aretas A800021 SwarmBee compatible developer board: http://www2.aretas.ca/a800021/

Get the SwarmBee Arduino firmware here: https://github.com/AretasSensorNetworks/SwarmBeeLE


If you have an existing *Bee compatible board. This module may be a perfect, drop in replacement to add Location Enabled wireless to your existing solution. Tap into the “maker” ecosystem and access many Arduino, MicroPython or other rapid prototyping compatible *Bee shields or adapters. 

Drop in replacement

  • Compatible with many Aretas developer boards
  • Compatible with Aretas USB adapter
**Due to the large size of the module footprint, double check compatibility with your board

IoT Applications

RTLS Location Tracking

Combined with the necessary anchors and middleware, track objects in 2D and 3D space indoors and outdoors (and in GPS denied environments).

RTLS Ranging

If you just need ranging features, use two or more SwarmBee LE enabled boards. 

Rapid Development in your IDE

Java (PureJavaComm)

Python (PySerial)

Other (RealTerm, Termite, PuTTY)

Bee to Bee communication

Module to module communication for connecting your pc, laptop, edge device or tablet to a remote device

Modular Wireless

Swap radio modules. Upgrade XBee capabilities, change from UWB to Chirp location, etc. 

Low cost

Aretas developer boards are an inexpensive, easy way to develop a proof of concept or market ready solution.

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