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Firewall Permissions

The Aretas Software and Edge Device / Gateway need to access certain services on the Internet to function correctly.

If you find that you can’t login (wait icon is just spinning and spinning) or receive a “2048” error, your system administrator may have blocked the flashpolicy ports or other ports required for the software. Or, you router may be blocking these ports by default.

Client Software (runs in your browser)

In addition to standard ports (such as DNS, etc) the Flash client software needs to access services on:

  1. Port 80 (standard HTTP traffic)
  2. Port 443 (standard HTTPS traffic)
  3. Port 843 (flashpolicy service)

Specific remote hosts include:

Edge Device / Gateway
  1. NTP (likely or other NTP pool) for time synchronization
  2. DNS
  3. HTTP and HTTPS

The Edge device also runs optional software that runs on port 80:




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