RTLS (Real Time Location System)

RTL Systems allow you to track tags and assets throughout a building (or even outdoors in certain circumstances)

Location Aware IoT

Location Aware IoT Sensors are sensors that incorporate RTLS modules and send sensor data along with position information, allowing customers to localize sensors and visualize sensor data attached to portable assets, moving personnel, vehicles or other items.

Location Aware Sensors with Real Time Sensor Data

Aretas Location Aware IoT

The Aretas Sensor family supports Location Awareness in many of our sensor products via a modular radio architecture that supports different wireless formats SwarmBee Chirp and UWB (for location aware sensors), XBee, WiFi and Bluetooth (for non-location aware).

Compact Location-Aware Sensors can be placed throughout your building and tracked in real-time

The Aretas IoT Stack supports location aware sensors out of the box and the Aretas UI allows you to visualize Location Based sensor data in real-time.

View Sensor Locations and Real Time Sensor Data coupled with Historical Data and Analytics

If you have your own application or building management system, you can get all the exact same data from the Aretas REST API.

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