The previous generation Aretas Cloud system had billons of raw sensor data points. While the new system has many, many times greater capacity, some of the data in the older system was 10 years old and rarely queried. We had always planned to have a data archival system where “old” data could be automatically migrated to slower archival storage while still being accessible online and uncompressed. Keeping older data out of the main data store helps keep performance highly optimized for more relevant, frequent queries. As of October 25th, all data recorded in the old system will be available via archive storage. If you would like us to migrate your data into the live data system, contact us and we can migrate it for you.

Accessing archive data is simple. Just choose “Query Archive Storage” and if you’re not sure when your sensor last reported, you can choose to offset the report from when the device was last live in the system prior to archiving. Or, you can just choose an arbitrary time span.


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